Imagine you have transmigrated to the Release That Witch world as a Feudal Lord and you will need to fight Roland for the throne…

Or perhaps the Church is under your control...

Or maybe you have entered the world of Release That Witch but set several centuries in the future...

Or what if the witches in the book came to the real world...

When the entire world of Release That Witch can be developed according to your wishes, what stories will unfold?

A thousand readers forming a thousand Release That Witch worlds. A thousand readers means boundless Release That Witch worlds!

Release That Witch! Release your imagination!

Use your passion to create the perfect development in your heart! Share with other fans the sparks of your creativity!

The Release That Witch Fan-fiction Contest eagerly awaits your participation!

Cash prizes and heaps of Spirit Stones are up for grabs!


2018 June 4 – 2018 July 1

Week 0 Participating Works (5.27-6.3)
Week 1 Participating Works (6.4-6.10)
Week 2 Participating Works (6.11-6.17)
Week 3 Participating Works (6.18-6.24)
Week 4 Participating Works (6.25-7.1)


The voting ends every week. The top two ranking works on the Power Stone rankings will become the champion and first runner-up for that week respectively. The works ranked 3rd-12th will be given honorary mentions.

Note: There is no limit to the word count for the competition. The higher the word count, the higher the chance of winning a contract with Webnovel!

Competition rules

During the competition period, the week’s winners—champion, first runner up, and the honorable mentions will be selected according to the Power Stone votes every seven days. (There is no limit to the number of times a work can win)

Er Mu’s foreword


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Rules & Regulations

  1. 1.Participating works have to be in English.
  2. 2.All times mentioned are GMT+8.
  3. 3.The Badges are virtual badges and not physical items.
  4. 4.The rewards will be handed out by Webnovel staff within one week after the competition results are tallied. The cash prizes will be handed out by Webnovel staff within one week after the final week.
  5. 5.If a piece of work has won 1st-12th place once or more, the author of the work will win only one of the same Badge. However, the cash prize and Spirit Stone rewards do not share the same restriction. They will be awarded as many times as the piece of work obtains 1st or 2nd place for each of the 4 weeks.
  6. 6.The participant must own the copyright of the submitted piece.
  7. Engaging in acts of plagiarism is prohibited, and its originality must be guaranteed.
  8. 7.The work must not insult any race, gender, religion, and/or traditions or customs. Violators will be disqualified and will bear full responsibility.
  9. 8.Without signing a contract with Webnovel for the corresponding authorization of ‘Release That Witch’, participants are only allowed to publish their participating work(s) on the competition platform. They are not to carry out any other forms of dissemination, publication, alteration, profiteering of the participating works, and/or creation of secondary derivative works. Upon violation, participants will be disqualified and Webnovel reserves the right to pursue legal action.

All participants and their parents/guardians are deemed to have agreed to and shall abide by the competition rules and regulations by submitting their work.

Webnovel reserves the right of final interpretation and alteration of the stated terms and conditions, and reserves the right to disqualify any violators.